I’m watching this thing about Green Beret tryouts right now on Netflix. All these dudes are trying to become Green Berets, and they go through this two week training protocol. This thing is insane. You find out at the end of the two weeks, if you made it or not. They don’t kick you out, they just tell you at the end. Anyway, it would suck. But the things these guys go through mentally, and physically, 99% of us wouldn’t even attempt, let alone for two weeks. A lot of these guys shouldn’t have even tried to be honest, because right from the get go, you could tell they couldn’t cut it. But guess what, they tried. I’m not asking you to try to be a Green Beret. I’m asking you to try your own hand, at whatever goal it is you want to accomplish. If it’s running a marathon, start running. If it’s losing weight, start eating better. The things these guys attempted to do, without the physical or mental “gifts” some people say are genetic, were hundreds of times harder than trying to eat healthy while having a few kids. Put that into perspective. The effort you put into getting healthy habits, is probably going to be nowhere near the effort some of these “regular folk” are trying to put towards being a Green Beret. Now, go get em!