Too many people have no time to work out. Or so they say. What if I told you, you could get in shape in as little as ten minutes a day? Would you say I was one of those infomercials that makes big promises, with lots of disclaimers? Well, I’m not. I’m a personal trainer and corrective exercise specialist who has had some experience with actually getting people in shape, without gimmicks and gadgets. We have finally released this program, where, 4–6 times a week, you workout, for literally 10 minutes a day. It’s not 10 minutes for your abs. It’s 10 minutes for your whole body. Do you think you can get a six pack in ten minutes? Well, you can. If you do this program, and eat moderately healthy, you will see results. Not exactly like our 10 in 10 Workouts here. These workouts are standardized to progress, where our ten in ten workouts are just quick workouts to burn you out. The 10 Minute program is now available in our store. If you are cramped for time, and need a good program, here it is!