As I am in Chicago’s Midway airport, I see a lot of people who should be my personal training clients. I also saw a guy who is a high level pro bodybuilder. So everyone has to travel right? But what I wanted to say, was if you want some good exercise, just fly standby on a busy day. I have probably walked 10 miles today in this freakin airport. It’s my own fault, but I look at it like this. Every time I don’t make a flight, they move you to the gate of the next flight. As I am writing this, I have had to move gates four times already. And none of them have been consecutively close to another one. This is a lot of walking. Add the fact that I have taken my laptop, TRX, and a couple big bottles of water along with me, and this is a slight workout! Although I REALLY want to start doing pushups and bench jumps off these uncomfortable chairs, I will take this walking thing as my fitness for the day. So next time you get annoyed with the standby stuff, just realize that as long as you are up and moving, you are basically working out!