SO I’m riding my bike on the back trails of Las Vegas today. It was pretty nice, around 90 degrees and sunny. Figured I’d get a tan. As I was riding, I passed a community recreation center. I passed by the outdoor pool, and tennis courts, and saw people in both. I love to play tennis, even though my shoulder tells me I shouldn’t. But it reminded me of something. If I wanted to play tennis here, I really wouldn’t have anyone to play with. Most of my friends, with weather like this, would rather go to a pool, or, they just aren’t very good at tennis. But it doesn’t just go for tennis. I play basketball every Tuesday, and to be honest, that’s one of my favorite times of each week. But besides that, I don’t really have any friends I can call and say hey, lets go play basketball. I’m just a fitness guy. I can’t help it. Most anything active, besides water sports for obvious reasons, I like to do. I just don’t know many people who like to do them. I know there are sites like Active and Meetup, and those are all well and good. But it raises a question anyway. Do you have people around you, who are into fitness? It helps, if you do. It limits the deterrents from getting your workouts in, if other people want to do active things with you. I mean, who doesn’t love Wet Republic, and Rehab, and laying by the pool and just hanging out? I’ve had a lot of those days myself, but to be honest, that’s not who I am. I think I just do that, because, that’s what everyone around me does. I’d MUCH rather go hiking, or to Utah for the day, and take up Red Mountain . I just don’t have a ton of friends who are into that? So, the point of this all is, if that’s what you are into, find friends who are into fitness too. If you don’t have that network around you, you’ll always have a hard time really enjoying your life, when what you really want to do, you aren’t doing. If you really love hanging out at pools, great. Good for you. It’s nice from time to time.