Most of my blogs are about fitness, and in some aspect, I think you can take all of them in different areas of your life and apply them positively. I think the blog today is no exception. I read, I think it was, in Men’s Fitness the other day, to be a “finisher”. I LOVE this. Whether we are talking workouts, exercise programs, installing new ceiling fans, nutrition, or crossword puzzles, this works! Think about it. Let’s just take the crossword puzzle. Now, a crossword puzzle that has seven missing words, that’s not finished. You don’t get any sense of accomplishment from that. Think of any business that has projects. Or, school. Most everyone I know had some form of school. You definitely had a class project, or group project, or project you had to do yourself. If you went in on the due date, and had your project half done, that would most likely be a failing grade, unless your mom was the teacher. Valentin P. you know what I’m talking about! Cheater! In all seriousness though, unfinished projects, workouts, exercise routines, it’s all the same. You’ll get what you need when you finish the job. When you have an exercise program, follow it through, keep your nutrition in check and attain the goals you have set, you will come out ultimately happy. Now if you don’t finish the job, eat half good and half bad foods, don’t eat enough or eat too little, and aren’t consistent with your routine, you will most likely end up being held back in the 12th grade for the 2nd year in a row. You are so close to graduating, yet, you still have work to do. Finish the job. Finish every job. Don’t even let there be “to do” lists. Just do them.