Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer a monthly membership?

Yes, we do.  Most people subscribe to our monthly auto-debit membership, but we do also offer a class punch pass, and month to month, and year long memberships.

Are classes different than personal training?

Yes. Classes are what we like to call Group Workouts and are different than personal training.  Group workouts are not specified to each and every member that attends, and are more of a general workout with a tiered system based on fitness levels and capabilities.

Can I redeem a class and get cash or merchandise back?

No. When you buy a class, you are only entitled to use that class to book at a particular time. You cannot redeem your class for cash or merchandise.

What if I can't do everything in the class?

Perfect!  We don’t expect you to excel at EVERYTHING we do.  That’s why you come to train, right?  Regardless if you are a beginner or an advanced athlete, you go at the pace YOU are ready for and challenged with, not anyone else.

Is there a beginner class?

Although we don’t offer a strictly “beginner” class, we advise anyone coming in to the Training Center for the first time to try a 6am or 4:30pm class.

How is TCTC different from the other gyms around town?

Think of Tony Cress Training Center as group workouts, implemented like personal training.  We think of movement first, and improve upon that, so you can do more, where most places look for the general “calorie burn” workout.

How many calories are burned per class?

It’s different for everyone, but we aren’t concerned with the amount of calories that are burned DURING our classes.  We are focused on improving movement within the workouts, which will then ALLOW you to burn more calories through better and increased movement.

Can I work out if I am pregnant?

We have had multiple babies born strong as a result of their mothers training at TCTC throughout the bulk of their pregnancy.  Although every mother is different, you should probably consult with your doctor about your exercise program.

What kind of shoes should I wear?

Cross Training shoes or “minimal” shoes with a low heel drop are recommended.  “Running shoes” are not ideal because of the multi-directional movements done in class.  New Balance, Merrell, and Reebok make some examples of ideal training shoes.

Do you have childcare in the studio?

No. Unfortunately, we don’t have childcare, but if your children are somewhat responsible, there is an area they can stay in with their ipads or toys etc. where you can still keep an eye on them.

Do you have locker rooms?

We do not have lockers, so you’ll have to keep your valuables stored somewhere else.  We do provide cubbies where you can put your keys and clothes.