We just spent $25. So, instead of those 3 meals for $42, we now have about 8-9 meals for $25. So, 3 times as many meals, for we’ll say, half the cost. Most people just don’t want to cook, is the reason I think that they give for healthy food being too expensive. It’s not too expensive at all, as we all can see. It’s about convenience, and being lazy. That’s really what it’s all about. It’s a matter of quitting with the excuses, and just making the decision to eat better, plan your meals and having the drive to reach your goal. The other “cheap” option is fast food. Let’s break that down. Let’s say you eat a value meal every day. We’ll round that to about $5.00 a meal. Even at that low price, you still can’t beat the average of $3.00 a meal on the healthy side. I don’t want to get into this any further, because, if you just look at price, you lost your argument. If you are looking at time, as far as a convenience factor. If you take 2 hours a week, to prepare your meals, that argument is gone now as well. I would love for any of you to email me a great argument to NOT eat healthy. The taste thing, you can grow out of. For example, I GREW to love chicken. I didn’t love it at first. Same thing with almond butter. Hated it when I first tasted it, but now I prefer it over peanut butter. Bring it on. you can email me at tony@tonycress.com