I live in Las Vegas. I see tons of people with GREAT bodies, and tons of people with, let’s just say, not so great bodies. Let’s just take the people with great bodies for this post. OK. I know a lot of people in the show industry here in Las Vegas, from male dancers, to female dancers to Cirque Du Soleil performers to little people who ride tricycles. A lot of them LOOK like they are in great shape, and to credit a few, some of them ARE. But a lot of it is also an illusion. I run a fitness camp through my personal training stuff, and If you took any random group of some of these performers who look to be in killer shape, I will bet you around half, would think this is the hardest workout of their lives. I will say this. Fitness Camp is challenging, but it is nowhere near the hardest workout of your life. The problem is, a lot of these “in shape” people, and performers, are in shape for their particular talent. If you rounded up the guys in Chippendales, Thunder from Down Under, and American Storm, three male revues containing guys with great bodies, I would venture to guess that 25 % would function well in fitness camp. How can this be? Well, some people work out to LOOK good, and some people work out to BE good. If you do the former, you are a one trick pony. If you do the latter, it will serve you two purposes. You’ll actually be in shape, and as a result, you will look good as well. So when it comes time to hike those trails at Red Rock, you’ll have enough energy to take some pictures, AND want to take your shirt off for those pictures. Have a good day.