We are doing an 8 Week Challenge at Tony Cress Personal Training. So far, the results have been awesome. Every person who came in for their two week update had lost weight, or body fat percentage. I was very proud of these people. I think part of the reason they all have succeeded in the short term, is because everyone knows they are doing it. You see, when you tell people your goals, rather than just have them, you will be more committed to them. If I made it known that I wanted to open my own gym, and I kept telling people, and kept telling them, and KEPT telling them, I would either have to open a gym, or people would think I’m full of it. If you put your words out there, eventually you have to put up or shut up. More than likely, to avoid embarrassment, or to just show people you aren’t all talk, you put up. Try it. Tell everyone you know you are going to take the next 8 weeks, or 3 months, or year, and really dive into your health. Set specific goals. You are going to lose 20 pounds. You are going to juice twice a day. You are going to do yoga once a week at your local studio. Tell EVERYBODY. Hide your wife. Hide your kids, this person is tellin ERRRRBODY’ about their goals. When you do that, you’ll even make yourself believe you have to do it! Put the goal out there, and you’ll realize, people are going to be there to help you reach those goals. So here is your plan of action. Think of a goal. Right now. What do you really want to achieve? Now, figure out the amount of time you need for it. Next, figure out a plan of action. If your goal is to work out, maybe your plan of action is to join your local gym, make sure you go on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, and you do a total body workout for the next 6 weeks. Now, tell your roommate, significant other, neighbor, co-worker, postman, doctor, kids, friend back home, dad, mom, sister, and people you see at the grocery store. No. Really, do it. Live your goal. The more you speak it, the more you will actually believe it, and the better chance you have at reaching those goals!