I’m proud of the people who come to TCTC. Want to know why? It’s because they’ve sifted through what marketing and social media has shown them and gone with education, knowledge and a logical, evidence led practice of movement, training and health.

The people at TCTC understand the importance of a proper warm up, what foam rolling can do for you, and how balance and stability benefit you in a functional life.

It takes a lot to say “I’m not as concerned with calorie burn and I’ll focus more on HOW I move to burn the calories I need to”. Most people won’t do that. They would rather struggle than work towards achieving their goal. The people at TCTC are focused on improving movement quality rather than focusing on volume with no regard to quality. This allows them to increase volume when needed, in a safe and effective manner. It’s hard to go against what normal is, but when normal is whatever is “easiest to do right now” not whatever is “best” to do, normal chooses the former. The people at TCTC choose the latter. It’s challenging to be THAT person.

People will ask “why are you doing that?” And “you should come with me to this”, without understanding or waiting for the “why” behind it. “Trendy” isn’t what the people at TCTC are doing. They are in it for life. Training to move better is not only overall more effective to get you towards your goals, but it’s also possible to do it forever.

I’m proud of the people who come to TCTC because they’ve seen places come and go, but have stayed true to the education that has backed us as being the most knowledgeable group training facility in the valley. They trust our continued education, training and application to give them the most impact in their performance program. They’ve decided that there is more to working out than random bouts of sweat that you can get in any sequence of burpees and sprints.

I’m just proud of the people at TCTC.
Thank you for being you.