I’m going to do some simple math for you today. I’m also going to tell you how to become elite in whatever it is you want to do with very little work each day. Here’s the deal. To become an expert in anything, you have to put in the work. You can’t get around that. People can be given the gift of being a great dancer, but if they don’t work at it, they’ll never become as good as they can be. In this world we live in nowadays, everyone has ADD. We’ve got these things called cell phones and social media, and we think we’ll miss something if we aren’t constantly checking our information overload sources. Anyway, back to the topic at hand.

I’ll break it down for you. If you spend zero minutes a day becoming great at your craft; researching, learning, practicing, teaching, and all that, you will NOT get better at whatever it is you would like to get better at. BUT, if you spend 15 minutes a day, JUST 15 minutes a day, in 3 months you’ll have gathered 22.5 hours of content in your field. If I told you to study for 22 hours straight, you’d laugh at me, but in just 15 minutes a day, if you are patient, you’ll reap the rewards of that. Think of something you are not good at. I’m not good at yoga. If I put 22 hours of yoga under my belt in the next three months, I’d feel pretty confident in my skills.

These days very few people put in the time and effort to get really good at something. Most adults I know don’t really do anything outside of their job to actually get better at whatever their passion is. They aren’t taking their free time to put an hour or two every day to practice. I do understand most adults have families and would rather spend time with their loved ones than get better at a skill. They’d also rather watch Walking Dead, The Kardashians, and Real Housewives. But 15 minutes is an amount of time ANYONE can invest. Just do it every day. In three months you can either be exactly where you are right now or you can have a uch higher amount of knowledge, making you more valuable wherever it is you may be