I just got a new book for the new year. It’s called Be Like Water, by Sharon Lee, Bruce Lee’s daughter. I haven’t read it yet, but it just got me thinking. That’s a damn great rule. Never let anything stick to you, but the things that allow you to soak into them, do it! Be fluid, and realize that if you get stagnant, nothing good happens. This isn’t really what this post is about, but I thought I’d throw that in there. I want to talk about why you want to actually BE MORE WATER.

If you hydrate, you’ll lose more weight. If you drink enough water, you’ll actually think more clearly. Some of the injuries or chronic pain you have, might be because there isn’t enough water to help heal, or maybe there isn’t enough fluid movement in the parts that hurt. Sometimes lack of water is why you can’t get stronger. It’s crazy, right?

This year, if you do one thing from a health standpoint, make it dedicated to getting enough water. I think Derek Zoolander said it best: “Moisture is the essence of wetness, and wetness is the exxence of beauty”. I know that doesn’t really make any sense or matter in this context, but I think it does. The more you make sure you are getting enough water, the more things go right for your health.

That’s important, Mer-MAN!