All the commercials and Instagram posts depicting really in shape people eventually and inevitably show a dude doing battle ropes and a pushup where they jump in the air and flail their arms out like they are flying. While there’s nothing wrong with this and it certainly looks bad ass, the are MUCH more effective ways to use the ropes where it not only benefits you, but keeps you safe from a shattered wrist or other traumatic injury.

You can make the battle ropes a total body conditioning tool that will give you a highly metabolic challenge, if you just get a little creative.

We tend to put something in our hands and limit what the options are. Most people will see the battle ropes as two moves; single alternating waves and double waves. Here are a few tips for the next time you use them.

-add leg stuff like squats, lunges and jumps while waving the rope.

– if the rope is too heavy, just use one half of the length of the rope.

-use the ropes for random exercises like deadlifts, lat raises and get ups for a variable resistance through the exercise.

– change your tempo. Sometimes switching between “as fast as you can” and slow, controlled movements might be all the change you need.

– don’t limit yourself. Be creative. The ropes can be as easy or as challenging as you make them. Try new things. If they make sense, do them.

You can now find battle ropes in most gyms in your area. We’ve had them for 10 years, and they aren’t going anywhere:)