Let’s be honest. No one wants to read that title and think that they are actually making their kids live a shorter life. They just don’t. But at the same time, there is a huge case of denial in that thinking. For example, you are a person who more than likely wants to lose a little weight, get a little bit healthier, so you can actually enjoy life more. Losing weight isn’t necessarily the main goal, being happy is. Losing weight is part of making you happy, and happier, healthier people tend to live longer. Yes there are certain cases where a lifelong smoker lives to be 600 years old, but more often than not, they die younger than they should. Anyway. Same goes for people who eat junk food. You go to the doctor, and he says you have diabetes. The doctor tells you to pay attention to your nutrition. Says you need to make “healthier choices”. So you do, and you start to control and diminish your diabetes. The same goes for general health. You want to lose weight, and generally be “healthy”, so you cut fast food out of your diet, and basically say it’s off limits, because we all know that fast food is notorious for being one of the worst things for us in life. Now ask yourself this. Knowing that it’s HORRIBLE for us, why on EARTH would you feed it to your growing kids? So they can end up in the same exact position you are in now, figuring out how to reverse the effects of the habits you formed growing up and being unhealthy. Take a look back and ask yourself why you let your children eat McDonalds. Or any processed crap for that matter. I know people, who, it’s a miracle if their kids eat REAL FOOD at all. I have a couple friends whose kids, maybe 5% of the time, eat actual food, that was meant to be ingested by humans. Most of the time it’s “fruit” snacks, cookies, cereal, cake, fake yogurt, ice cream, chicken fingers, pizza, breadsticks, etc. All of which the main ingredients, aren’t actual FOOD. They tell me their kids are picky and that those are the only things their kids will eat. If that’s the case, ask yourself who the parent is in this situation. Who provides the food your children eat? Do they have jobs and buy their own meals, or are you providing it for them? IF the latter is the case, you have complete control over this. A fussy kid, who ONLY will eat McDonalds, will probably lessen those demands, if you don’t give McDonalds as an option. If you, as the parent say, this is what we are eating, that kid will at some point get hungry, and eat. If you give them chips, and cookies and candy, are you actually even feeding your kids, or are you actually feeding disease and disorder in your children? What your kids put in their mouths, is totally up to YOU, not them. You give only good food as an option, and guess what, they’ll eat good food, be healthier, do well in school, and develop more completely. Hunger is a crazy thing. What happens when you get hungry? Do you eat? Exactly. Give them ONLY healthy options, and guess what… They’ll eat. And it will be glorious. They will lessen the chance of disorders like ADHD, Diabetes, high blood pressure and more. Their brain will function more fluidly,and they’ll have more energy. They’ll get sick less, and they’ll exercise more. They’ll live longer. All because you made a decision to actually be a parent.