I had written this message to someone in particular, but I think it applies to most of us.

With the things you are trying to accomplish in your life, are you “ALL IN”?
I mean, do you act as if that is the type of person you are?

For example, I want to be one of the top movement professionals in the country and I think I’m ALL IN on that. I believe one of the things I do more than anyone else in my trainer circle in town is read about training. I learn more about training than most of the other people in town. I dissect and learn what makes the most sense for the demographic of clientele I serve, and I try to express the rationale behind what I program and have people do on a daily basis. I go through education constantly, practice what I preach, and try to stay on the beat of the drum of fitness, exercise and the related fields.

If you wanted to be “healthy”, what would that look like? From my perspective, it would look a little different than from say, a parent. I don’t have to deny eating my kids leftovers as an act of the type of person I want to become, but a parent might. Another thing to question is “do you eat enough vegetables to be a healthy person?” Yet another one is “are you as consistent with your exercise routine as a healthy person?”

This can be applied to everything we do in life I suppose. Obviously we can’t be ALL IN on everything, but what are the things you choose to be ALL IN on and are you really ALL IN?