There are a lot of people who jump from fitness challenge to fitness challenge. They “lose their weight” only to come back and do another challenge because “the first one didn’t work”. Most fitness challenges don’t work, because they play into the fact that the consumer wants immediate results. It’s what the consumer wants, right? So play it up! “Lose 20 pounds in 6 weeks!” “Your Best Body Ever, In 8 Weeks!” Is it really your best body ever if it isn’t resilient enough that you have to do yet ANOTHER challenge later?

Listen, it’s not YOUR fault. It’s the fitness industry’s. They know better, but they are succumbing to the fact that we, as consumers want everything NOW. Not tomorrow or later, but now. Actually, yesterday. And the fitness industry, knowing that lasting results come from consistent effort over time, disregard this FACT and pander to what sounds good to us. Now for the reality. 99% of the people I know that do these challenges, do another one, because they don’t really learn anything in the previous one they did. Most challenges put you on this really low calorie diet you won’t be keeping any longer than the time you are in the challenge, and add a lot of intense exercise. That combination is guaranteed to lose weight quickly. PROBLEM. It comes back once you are out of the challenge. So in effect, a challenge doesn’t change you at all. It just makes you annoyingly high strung during the time you are in it, and once you are out, it makes you fat again. Kinda sucky, huh?

Here’s the real deal. We are putting a challenge together, NOT to make you lose 20 pounds in 6 weeks(if that happens, sweet), but to get you to adopt healthy habits, so if you have 20 pounds to lose, you end up losing it, never to see it again. Our challenge promotes permanence. You’ll get your one of a kind, INTELLIGENT workouts that make you move better so you’ll move more, but you’ll also get the knowledge to implement habits that STICK. Learning how to manage eating things that are great for you, with NOT so great for you choices from time to time. You’ll learn how to exercise AND rest and recover to help you the most to improve your overall health and fitness.

Lifestyle Resolution Program

Sound like something you want? You want to lose the weight or body fat FOREVER? This challenge is that step. If you just want to go in a cycle of getting skinny, then getting fat, then skinny, then fat again…. Check out one of those other ones:)