Before you guys say “Tony, I thought you were getting rid of everything material” realize I decided to make a purchase before I instituted the December challenge of getting rid of stuff.  Based on the reviews from a few friends and the Internet I decided to grab a pair of the highly regarded Nike MetCon 1 shoes everyone in the crossfit community is taking about.  I love the Reebok Crossfit Nano’s, so I figured if these people love these even more, they gotta be worth getting.  At this point, I feel I was sadly misinformed.


The visual of the shoe is something I do like.  It is black and gray and understated, which I need some I’m getting rid of most of my stuff, I want versatile things.  But when I put the shoe on, everything mind of falls apart.  What had a ton of promise falls very flat in my mind.  The feel of the show is equivalent to a very low range basketball shoe.  It’s very stiff, and is pretending to give you a sense of some cushioning.  I’m more of a minimalist sore type of guy, but can get along well with thicker sole shoes when I’m expecting it.  For whatever reason, this doesn’t work for me.  There are people who tell me it’s the best workout shoe they’ve ever owned.  In my opinion those people got duped by Nike.  I’ll say it again.  This is just a really cheap nine basketball shoe.  Not even a Hyperdunk!  I think Nike kind of took advantage of people who have never really played sports but like to work out.  I mean ever basketball shoes I’ve ever worn has as much “support” as these shoes and is much more comfortable.
Anyway, thought I’d give my two cents. I’ll keep the shoes because I do need the color and the extra pair. Maybe over time I’ll learn to love this show and there is something I haven’t figured out yet, but for right now, my workouts will still be in Skora (any), New Balance (MT10’s) or Reebok (Crossfit Nano).