I did the Reebok Spartan Race last year at Lake Las Vegas. I’ve also done a couple other “mud run” type events, that will remain nameless. I will tell you, I enjoyed the Spartan Race the most. I think the one I did was either 8 or 13 miles, I can’t remember now, both of those distances seem like an eternity to me. The thing is, it didn’t seem long at all to me doing the race. The distances between obstacles were just right for my tastes. We did it as a team at TCPT, and the team had people who ran out ahead, people who stayed behind, and some people in between. The obstacles ranged from being submerged in mud, to side scaling a wall. There were nets suspended 25 feet above the ground, and ropes to climb. There was even a spear to throw(real Spartan-like). EVERYONE from our group had a great time. The race challenged us in unique ways, where some were solo missions, but other obstacles required teamwork. I bet you are wondering why I am writing about an experience I had a year ago. Well, in April, The Spartan Race returns to Las Vegas. I’m excited to run again with our TCPT family. I want to have at least 20 strong this time around! So, what Spartan Race did, was give me a code I could use to get you guys 15% off the race! We are doing it on Saturday, April 5th, mid morning. If you are interested in signing up, let me know, and I’ll send you our team name and password. If you don’t want to join our team, but still sign up, you can do that too. Anyway, here’s the link! Spartan Race!