I have abs. You have abs. That 400 pound dude eating the cheetos, trough of ice cream, and keg of lemonade has abs too. If you compare us all, side to side, you’ll see mine, you may see yours, and the 400 pound man, well, you’ll have to feel around, get a magnifying glass, and give him an ultrasound to see if there are any there. But he does have them. What’s the difference? Body fat. It isn’t who has more muscle when it comes to having a six pack. That plays a part, we all know that, but I will also say there are tons of crack heads who have a six pack too, and it has nothing to do with their nutrition program. the less bodyfat you have, the more your abs will show. I don’t recommend becoming addicted to any drugs, but I do recommend losing bodyfat. And the best way to do that, IS to monitor your nutrition program. If you are eating based on whatever is cheapest, then you probably won’t see your abs any time soon. I know money plays a role in all our lives, but you need good quality FOOD to really make a difference. Just because this oatmeal is 20 cents, doesn’t make it a better fit than the oatmeal that is $2.00, if the quality of the oatmeal diminishes just as much as the price does. Like I always say with most things, you pay for what you get. Just because macaroni and cheese is a dollar a box, does not make it a good substitute for lean ground beef, a sweet potato, and some steamed greens. If you think that way, you’ll never see your abs. It takes dedication, planning, and some willpower to get those abs to show. Learn a little bit about the food you eat, and the effects that that food will have on you, and you’ll realize why, macaroni and cheese does not equal a six pack.