Anyone interested in bucking the trend and ACTUALLY changing stuff up for this year? If so, what is it you want to actually change? How do you suppose you are going to do that? What obstacles will get in your way? How are you going to navigate those obstacles? What is the benefit you’ll get out of the change? Why do you want to change?
I may have lost quite a few people by asking that many questions, but usually it’s having answers to that many questions that will tell you if you’ll accomplish the task or not.

We don’t like answering questions. We like just leaving things as is, regardless if they make us happy or not.
How about this for a change? Start with answering those questions. On your own. If you feel like sharing here, I’d love to hear from you. If you don’t, that’s ok, too. But sometimes when you speak it “out loud”, it incites action. Action is where the money is at.

For myself, I want to change my health for the better. Over the last couple years, stress has really distracted me from being the physical person I assume I am. I want to get back to that, being a really physically active person. I know I’m more active than most, but not who I KNOW I am. This makes me unhappy. Part of how I think I’m going to handle this is through actually following a schedule, like I am a kid again. I know that handling my business might get in the way, and other variables that I cannot necessarily control, but I will manage those when they come. I have to have some non-negotiables when dealing with my goals. I know that if I get back to where I want to be physically, it’ll lead me to being more productive IN my business, more helpful to people who rely on my business for their health, and more opportunity to enjoy life for myself and others around me. I’d like to be that positive influence again. Right now, I don’t feel that I am, and that makes me unhappy. This is why I want to change this year.

I look forward to it hearing from you.