We are implementing a new way to measure your fitness at the studio this coming month. A system called Fitranx, is going to be introduced to our clients AND our trainers. This system looks promising as it will tell you exactly how fit you are, with levels similar to martial arts rating systems. There will be fitness levels based on strength and conditioning tests, going from level 1 to level 8, 8 being the best possible shape any human being could be in. You’ll have to display not only one facet of fitness during the testing for levels. Just because you can do 10 pullups doesn’t mean you’ll pass the level 4 testing if you can’t do 90 kettlebell snatches. You’ll be tested on 6 strength exercises, and a conditioning circuit for every level. You fail to pass any part of the testing, and you don’t graduate to that level. You pass all required tests, and you’ll acquire that level of fitness, and your workouts will be geared towards pushing you to the next level. Hopefully this adds some motivation to all of our routines and health habits. The 6 groupings will be broken down into gender and age groups, with testing specific to that age and gender bracket. I’m really excited about this, and will likely be holding testings once a month, for anyone interested in picking up their fitness games and mindsets. I think we’ll have some great competition here at Tony Cress Personal Training. What’s your level?