So, you want a six pack. I think everyone does. Not everyone has one though. I am in a show in Las Vegas where every guy takes their clothes off at some point. You would think every guy would then, have shredded abs. That’s not the case. Well, you think not everyone can get a six pack because they are not genetic freaks? You are dead wrong my friend. This is a simple issue of mind over matter. Think about it. Every person, unless they are born with abnormal circumstances, has abdominal muscles. Depending on how active you have been growing up, either they show or they don’t. Another thing that also factors in on this is your diet. Have you been eating vegetables and lean proteins all your life, or did you grow up on Mickey D’s and Mike and Ikes? That also plays a role. Now, we are forming a base, of why you do, or do not have a washboard stomach. Look at yourself now. What was the last thing you ate? Was it helping you get a six pack, or hurting your chances? Now, when was the last time you had a workout? Was that workout intense? Did it have high energy? Were you dripping sweat by the end of it? Are you starting to get the picture me and Leonardo da Vinci are painting for you? If you aren’t doing the right things for your abs, your abs aren’t gonna show up on game day, or, as we call it here, pool season. If you are all grown up, and you ate like crap as a kid, you still have hope. You can turn your nutrition around, start making solid food choices, and work out regularly, and HARD. Just going through the motions will not bring a change to your body. Watch one episode of Biggest Loser. These people are perfect examples of how hard you need to work. It’s tough, but with the right work ethic, anyone can have a six pack.