If you have been to TCPT, you may realize we aren’t all about getting you to puke, or see how long you can last until your legs fall off. That’s cool and all, but if it were about doing 500 squats, or burpees, or pushups, I’d phone it in, hire a monkey, and at least let you guys get the benefit of an exotic animal to look at while you are in pain. That’s not fitness, and that’s not how you get people in shape. I definitely believe pushups, burpees and squats have their place in this world, but to just exhaust you by doing hundreds a day, that’s kind of like teaching someone to play the piano and saying, “Just hit the white and black keys a lot”. So for me, and luckily for you, we do things a bit different. I think this list should work for any fitness studio or gym, and that if you have these things going on where you go, you’ll be plenty satisfied.

#1. Most Importantly, quality trumps quantity. I want to see you do the most pristine pushup known to man… then I want to see you do that again. I want to see you do more of them, and once that move is perfected, we’ll practice something else. If I take the above mentioned 500 burpees protocol, at what point do those burpees become less than pristine? What does burpee number 73 look like? And to that point, what is the purpose of it? Are you getting better at it, or are you just doing that because it burns calories, and your instructor doesn’t want to use their brain to think of other ways you can move? The idea of training is kind of like practice in skill. It shouldn’t be a competition, it should be TRAINING to get better at your desired outcome.

#2. Ego isn’t everything. Your ego can do you a LOT of good. It can motivate you to get better and not accept poor performance. It can also help you push just a little bit harder than your natural comfort level. Where I don’t like seeing ego involved in the gym, is when you compare yourself to someone else in the gym for the wrong reasons. If you are looking at someone saying “I’d love to have their work ethic”, that’s one thing. If you are looking at that same person and thinking “If they are gonna do 50 reps then I’m gonna do 50 reps” that’s another thing. What if you physically can’t do 50 quality repetitions of whatever it is? This can be DAMAGING to rule #1 up above. Do not sacrifice quality for the sake of your ego. There just isn’t a point.

#3. You should feel welcome. I love for all my clients to get to know one another. You shouldn’t feel intimidated, afraid or shunned when you go the any gym, regardless of your level of conditioning or status. That’s what I think we have at TCPT, and that’s where it stays. I want everyone to feel like everyone else is trying to help them and each other get to their goals. As I mentioned above, this isn’t about being better than someone else, or comparing yourself to others. We aren’t at a Miss America or Bodybuilding pageant (yes, I just called it a pageant). This is about being a better YOU. It’s about learning to move better and feel better. It’s about getting proper nutrition so you can live the best, most energetic, vibrant life possible. It’s about doing what you want physically, any time you want. We want to create a culture where 15-20 of us decide to do a Mud Run out of town, travel WITH each other, and stay in the same place. If you have a family, you care for them. That’s what TCPT is. I want the person next to you to be just as excited as you are when you do your first pull up ever, or you lose 10% body fat.

#4. I want to keep you pain free. Sometimes the way we move, when we push the limits, puts us at risk of injury. Sometimes what we’ve done in the past generates injuries we didn’t know we had, until we started moving around more. We have a goal to keep all exercises as safe as can be but also have our exercises be effective, and in some cases corrective. Think of us as physical therapy in fitness. We want to make you move better, not enhance your aches and pains. If you have knee problems, I want to devise exercises that can diminish those problems so if you want to squat, you get to without fear of searing pain up your leg. If we can move with our body pain free, then we can start playing around with making our bodies the best version it can be. If you start doing the hard stuff on a faulty foundation, it’s only a matter of time until that foundation cracks.

#5. Educate! I want you to understand the WHY of what we are doing, and how it will benefit you. Some people will just do whatever I say, and that’s cool and all, but let’s say they move away. If i never teach them anything, what can they take with them besides memories of workouts that had exercises they don’t remember? I want you to know the basics of what we are doing, and why we are doing those things, so when you do go to the gym by yourself, you are confident that a workout you do solo will be on par with the effectiveness of what you are doing at TCPT. The goal is not to trap you and keep you forever, the goal is to teach you so you can become self sufficient in the time of need, and then spread the wealth to the ones you love. If you stay with me forever, that’s just a bonus:)

#6. I want to make you better. I mean this in all senses of the word. I want to make you a better mover, a better athlete, a better speaker, a better body, a better friend, a better lover. All kidding aside… I’M NOT KIDDING. It’s not just about giving you exercises until you throw up and have a six pack, although we can get you there, and sometimes it feels like you MAY throw up (that’s when you tone it down a little, in my opinion). But I want your experience at TCPT to be one of you constantly saying “Oh, I didn’t know that.” or “My shoulder never hurts anymore.” or “I’ve become such good friends with Lou, we now play chess on Sundays!”. If we can get these above mentioned things to happen, you’ll have no choice but to be better. If you show up ready to learn and open to our methods, you’ll reap rewards that you thought were too good to be true, and you might change a life or two in the process.