Happy Holidays from your favorite personal trainer! Hope you are all enjoying the season of giving. Currently, I am watching basketball on my couch, contemplating working out on this holiday. I think i will get my fitness on later, but right now, I want to tell you guys things you can do, when you are with your family, that allow you and everyone else to be active during the holidays. 1. Wii- Now, I think this one is obvious because their marketing goes towards activeness. If you havea wii, break it out. Wii Fit? Even better. The way these video games are played, allow you to movie around, jump, and run. And if not everyone can do that, you can also play seated. The games are for people of all ages, so kids to adults can play. 2. Have a Snowball Fight- Yeah, I’m serious. Get outside, make yourself a snow fort, choose sides, and go at it. You wouldn’t believe how good this feels. Takes you back to being a kid, and you get a great workout in too, moving snow around. 3. Have a Pushup Contest- Gather the family around, get everyone who wants to play, and see who can do the most pushups in a minute. If you don’t want to do pushups, any exercise will do. Planks, crunches, squats, wall sits, etc. 4. Play a game of football- Same thing as above, but let everyone get a turn at quarterback. This isn’t supposed to be too competitive, make it fun, and make fun of yourself! 5. Help out with the festivities- Do the dishes, help cook, empty the garbages, clean up, go get more ice, whatever. All this stuff is minimal, but you are moving, and it means alot to the people who always prepare. I hope you all get a chance to spend some time with your families, but remember, it doesn’t always have to be sitting watching the football games or A Christmas Story every two hours on TNT. Have fun, and happy holidays.