Thinking of big gyms when they DO get to reopen.

What will the locker room situation be? Enter at your own risk?

What will the equipment cleaning protocol be like? Clean Every machine after someone is on it, or have cleaning monitors so the customer abides by the new cleaning protocol?

Group classes I assume will be half full, I’m already guessing.

What about prime time hours when people actually DO go to the gym? After work will be interesting. Will they only allow a certain amount of people in? If so, how do you remedy the people who can only get there by 5:45 and not 5:30 which is when the cap always hits?

Will things like spin classes and yoga be affected?

Will there be removal of the ASSEMBLY LINES of cardio machines side by side? Anyone looking for a commercial piece of equipment, this might be your time!

Obviously touchless check in.

Towel service? Does that make sense or no?

I’m very curious to see what big box gyms and health clubs roll out to make this thing work.

I think if it weren’t for that system, I think it actually would be pretty easy to merit small gyms to open right now, as a lot of them could run like the appointment based services we already see open. What do you think?