Think of a really hard exercise that makes your arms tired.  Now think of a really hard exercise that makes your legs tired.  Now think of a DIFFERENT exercise that makes your arms tired.  Now think of a DIFFERENT exercise that makes your legs tired.  What were they?  Now do each exercise 10 times and rest at the end.  Congratulations.  You just created a circuit workout.  You can find them all over YouTube, Instagram and Facebook.  I bet it got your heart rate up, and you are a little gassed.  You should become a trainer!  Right?  Welllll…….

If literally ANYONE can create a workout, then what differentiates your trainer from… you?  Most of these “programs” you see on the internet are exactly just what I had you do.  No rhyme or reason to them, they just get you tired, and to the uninformed mind, tired=good workout.  So, why do we need exercise professionals at all?  Some uneducated folk would argue we don’t.  They would say, “I can exercise on my own” or “There’s no reason to have a trainer”.  I would argue that is NOT the case.

Have you ever met anyone who got hurt while they were working out?  Maybe while they were out running, they get shin splints.  Maybe they’ve been lifting weights for a while, and their shoulder has started to bother them.  Maybe they were doing CrossFit and they blew their back out.  Whatever the case, if we can “do it ourselves” why do these things happen?  Well, funny thing about our bodies.  Just because we can walk up and down stairs, and get in and out of our cars, does not mean we have total understanding of how our body moves in space.  Or with added weight.  Or under stress.  Or explosively.  And on and on.  We all have a body, but barely ANYONE learns how to use it efficiently or WELL.

Most people own a car.  We’ve all seen them move up and down roadways.  But did people just get in and press “Go” on the car button? We may think that’s exactly what SOME drivers did, but no, we had to take drivers education.  And if we wanted to get good at driving, we had to practice, and practice, and practice.  We had to drive on the interstate with our parents yelling at us.  We had to shakily drive under our instructors tutelage with a stick shift for the first time.  If you wanted to be a race car driver, and use a very high performance vehicle, you didn’t just get to go out and Ricky Bobby it up and Go FAST.  You had to be taught how to use that freakin’ car.

And that brings us back to silly circuit videos on the internet.  Yes, if you do a lot of them, they’ll get you sweaty and tired.  If that’s all you are looking for, then that may be your answer.  But if you have a kinky shoulder, a shaky knee, or a lower back issue, it may be time to actually get TAUGHT how to use your body.