So you want to be THE BEST in your industry.  You want to be the top individual in your field.  This is quantifiable.  Here are a couple questions you have to ask yourself.  I am of course going to apply it to the movement training industry.  Although I don’t think what we do is anything remotely close to anyone else in the “fitness” industry in Las Vegas, for the sake of this one man discussion, I’ll pretend we are all in the same frame.

1. Is Your Industry Your PASSION?

If you are in an industry just to make money, you probably won’t be considered the best.  You might end up being the most popular, but the best isn’t possible for you.  You need to have fitness on the top of your mind ALL THE TIME.  There is so much to learn, so much to forget, and so much to learn again.  Things are always changing with how much we know about the body, so if you aren’t inspired to hone your craft every day, you’ll miss out on the evolution of movement and performance.  IE: You won’t know the best, safest, most efficient way to get your clients the results they want and need.  If you are inspired to learn as soon as you get home from work, you’ll be ahead of the curve, and ahead of a lot of the people in your industry.

2.  Do You Stop Working When Your Shift Is Over?

This is kind of a trick question.  If what you do is your passion and you want to be the best at it, your shift never ends.  You don’t get to shut it down at 4pm, go home and relax with a glass of wine.  That all sounds lovely, but remember, you wanted to be the BEST at what you do.  That means you are ALWAYS on the clock.  If you just want to know what you know, and hope someone pays for your services, good luck.  Some people will,  but that does not mean anything.  Kia isn’t the best auto maker, but they sell cars every single day.  I wouldn’t even put them in the upper echelon of auto makers, but they have plenty of business.  That means absolutely nothing.  You get home from work, you work some more.  You drive to work, you listen to podcasts instead of the radio that have to do with your industry.  A lot of people will stop reading here, or even paying attention, but again, if you want to be the best, that means doing things that aren’t easy, and sometimes can even be perceived as stressful.  Think about having your own business.  You think it just grows by itself?  You have to put in work whenever it ISN’T convenient, as well as when it is.  The weekends aren’t your days off.  The weekends give you full days to work ON your business

3.  Do You Have The Commitment To Be Anti-Social?

This may not seem like the right question to ask, but it is.  Are you willing to say “no” a lot?  If you always have to go meet up with friends when they invite you, if you can’t miss gatherings, you might not be able to excel at what you do.  To be the best, your subject matter has to be the priority.  If the priority is going to birthday parties, seeing friends when they are in town, etc etc… Guess where you’ll see the hit?  Yup.  Your industry.

4.  What Grade Would You Give Your Service/Effort/Knowledge?

If you were to give yourself a grade in your industry, would you say that you give A+ service?  Does your client or boss or company get an A+ experience from you?  In what ways?  What is the experience like?  How hard do you try for that “A” grade?  Do you prepare before the experience?  If you have private clients, do you know what they are doing before they show up?  If you have a group session, is it all mapped out and is there a rhyme and reason to the workout, or is it just throwing exercises at a wall and saying “This’ll make ya sweat!”  Do you make sure the participants actually have FUN and you make the class memorable, or is it “just another workout”?  What do YOU bring to the table?  Do you show a skillset that allows people to see you as the best, or do you just float through the workout, giving a couple corrections here and there?  These are things that separate the above average from the excellent in the fitness industry.

These aren’t the end all be all to being the best in your industry, but these are a few things to consider.  Other things, that you (and I) may or may not need to work on can be Time, Music, and Communication.