This will be your best year. Ever. You know this, because you are in control of what happens to you. The possibilities are endless, of what you can accomplish. It’s time to take your own life into your hands, and mold it, the way you want it. You have no one, absolutely no one else holding you back from the goals you want to accomplish. You may have other responsibilities, but we all can make whatever it is we want, happen in our lives. For example. I want to write a book. I’ve wanted to for years now. I just haven’t had the time. I’ve decided, I DO have the time. This book doesn’t have to be written overnight. I’ve decided to write a page a day. Just one page a day. I don’t have to work on it for hours at a time. Maybe just maybe 15 minutes a day. By the end of the year, how many pages have I written? 365. That’s a big ass book! Now, let’s take your health, for example. Say, you want to lose 25 pounds, or you want to bench 300, or you want to “get more tone”. It’s not gonna happen overnight. You have to start one day at a time. And it’s going to take you changing your mindset about how attainable it is. Don’t look at the goal as a whole, look at little bits of it, and break it down. If you can become the person who never misses a workout, and who always makes good food choices, you are halfway there. You have to believe in yourself to make this work. If you don’t believe you can do this, chances are, you won’t. If you buy into the fact that “you love food” and you can’t go without wine, then, more than likely, that’s what is going to happen. But if you KNOW that you are the type of person who is consistent in their workouts and who loves eating healthy, you can BE that person. Tell your friends that is who you are. ACT as if that is who you are. Your actions create who you are. Make sure your actions create who you want to be. With that being said, The 8 Week Challenge is upon us next week. This is a perfect opportunity to become who you were meant to be. This is your guide to becoming healthier, to becoming more energetic, and becoming the best you. You’ll learn about consistency, journaling, food, fitness, community, and help each other along the way. I hope to be able to help every single one of you become who you know you can be. You’ll all want to be a part of this event this time around!