It’s funny to see how often people talk about certain services costing too much.  I was talking to one of my clients about personal training, and that some people just think it’s too expensive for them.  She actually fired back with going out with people, who talk about personal training being too expensive, but are freely willing to pay 12 to $14 for an alcoholic beverage.  The thing is, that they aren’t just getting one drink.  They are getting multiple drinks in the same night.  Now, if I was a thinking person, I would actually realize that those three or four drinks plus tip that I got would pay for a weekly personal training session.  I just decided that I would waste it on alcohol that won’t get me any closer to my goal that I’ve set for myself that I’m not working very hard at it because I’m buying drinks instead of working out and paying for personal training.  It’s funny, because then someone would justify it as they were at a birthday party or you have to have fun a little often.  It can’t just be all work. My response to that is if you haven’t reached your goals, why can’t it be all work?   And if you’re doing things that aren’t taking you towards your goals what is the point of that?   Let’s say you are on your road map to your goals.  But, every week you decide to go off road or backwards.  The thing is, you intentionally do that.  You know that that decision that you’re making isn’t taking you towards your goals, yet you still make that decision.  It doesn’t help you, it doesn’t make you any happier, and in the end what you’ll do is complain about not reaching your goals because you don’t know why.  Your eating habits and your workout habits aren’t working because you  “think that you’re doing everything right”.   Most times, people are in denial of what’s really going on.  Allowing you to NOT blame it on your own choices is the route a lot of us take, but ownership will be the step towards racing the goals you want.