Yo. Let’s pretend it’s 107 degrees outside and you can’t work out there. Oh wait, it is in Las Vegas. Ok. Let’s say it’s too hot and you don’t want to leave your ac in your house to go to the gym. Great. I have a short workout routine you can do in your living room. Ok. First, pushups. Do as many as you can in a minute. One minute. That’s it. Do it now. How many did you do? 10? 25? 40? Are you tired? Ok. Next. Do a plank. If you don’t know what this is, get back into that pushup position, but rest your elbows on the ground. Now squeeze your bum together, and hold for 10 seconds. Do this, relax for a few seconds, and do it again. Let’s repeat that 4 times. Third, we’ll move to the couch. This will seem childish. But jump from the floor to the couch. If you have kids, don’t let them see this, unles you don’t care that they are jumping on your couch. If that’s a little too extreme for you, you can go to your staircase, and repeatedly step up and down two steps. Do that for one minute. Almost home now. Jumping Jacks. Another minute. And those are your exercises. You can do this one time around, two times, maybe 3, try it once. It literally takes ten minutes, and you can do it all while watching True Blood.