So some of us say we have no time to work out. We have kids, and jobs, and birthdays, and boys in town for the weekend, and football to watch, and beer to drink, so that leaves no time for working out. Let me tell you something. Sometimes I don’t want to work out. But then, I feel very guilty, and fat, if I don’t. So I’ll take just 10 minutes, and do as much as I can in that ten minutes. Sometimes that includes pushups, body weight squats, jumping jacks, lunge jumps, pullups, mountain climbers and a few more things. I just do as much of it as I can in ten minutes. If we did this every day, We’d probably stay in a pretty good state of fitness. Anyone can wake up ten minutes earlier to get a workout in, it’s just another sad excuse if you don’t. Just pick 5 or 6 exercises each day, and do as many rounds of sets of ten as you can do in 10 minutes. if you want to make it easy, do each exercise for a minute, rotate, and cycle through them twice for a ten minute workout. Not so confusing now, huh? Have a great day and Keep working hard.